In July we have been out on crusades around South Africa countryside, God has done many wonderful things. We have just finished building our local church (see pictures soon in our gallery).

 We are getting ready for another crusade period that will begin in 18th of august. We are planning visiting around 6 villages, 2 in South Africa and the others in Mozambique. Pray for us and the whole team, so no one will get sick or anything like that. We intend to reach more than 200 souls during these 20 days crusade, that won’t be easy but we trust in our God.

 We would like to thank everyone that is helping us, we would like to ask you to reserve a daily period of prayer for this project and the new orphanage project as well. We believe God will bring freedom and salvation to all those who we will preach to.

 May God bless you all.

Marcelo & Adriana”

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