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 Global Office: Global@umafrica.org

Our main needs:
 1# Prayers: pray for us so we may answer God’s call in the most proper way.
We are mostly thankful for what we have been called for. God is amazing and complete, however we are not and we need his Grace and Mercy day after day in order to keep going forward. For that we depend (most of all) on your prayers, whenever you remember about Africa, remember of those who are trying to solve their most important need — the delivery of our Lord’s Salvation.

2# Website: a website designer/programmer professional/business in order to finish our #1 project on time.
If you are a webdesigner/webprogrammer or owns a (web)business and feels like you should get involved with this Mission, please get in contact, we unfortunately lack of expertise skills to finish our website. Once the UMA tool is finished it will be really useful for the mission(arie)s that are working in Africa andthose who wants to know about what is going on around the continent, it will change the way information goes, don’t waste time — get involved!