+UMAfrica – Fourth Year Announcement

It’s an enormous pleasure to announce our UMA Mission website’s fourth year online! We thank each one of you that has been walking the path along with us.

We have gone quiet in the last couple years, but it is due to the fact that we lack the staff we wished to have, but this have not stopped us from doing what we were called to do. We have been supporting many missions and missionaries in the field, we have sent financial aid, bridged supporters from all over the world and provided guidance on several subjects. Unfortunately it took almost all our effort to focus on the actions themselves lacking time and skills to publish all we have been doing.

We are happy that God has provided skills and enough time to act, we only feel sorry because the lack of news does not help you, our public, understand and know what is going on. Good thing we do not rely on 3rd party financial support. 🙂

Let’s keep up the good work for at least 4 years to come.

Join our mission by spreading out this idea!

+UMAfrica Global Coordinator