Many times I catch myself thinking about what could I do to help bringing Jesus salvation to those who don’t know about it yet.

 The first thing that crosses my mind is usually related to direct speech, getting on a plane and head to the African continent in order to preach about the Gospels. At the same time I figure myself talking to at most 100 people, and that’s not much besides I wouldn’t be able to travel more than a few miles and visit a couple of villages doing that.

 The second thought is fundraising, in order to support those who are inland preachers. I believe this is very important mission to get involved with once you are not an inland preacher, however I also know that the world is facing this “financial crisis” and a finance support shortage is being faced by most of the NGOs and Christian Missions all around.

 The third thought is helping to disseminate information and news in a democratic way all around the world. This is the main focus of UMAfrica organization. We (I) believe that as Jesus taught us by sharing the information contained in Him, we should also share the information that we are aware of, either the information regarding the Salvation and the other related to the need of this graceful Salvation. There are many doing the first piece, however not many at the other side.

 In this way I hope to succeed bringing the Jesus salvation to those who need it other than just thinking about it. Why am I saying all of this? Recently I was reading an article about Internet connections in South Africa and the “real need” of the “Africans” (I apologize for using these terms), the writer was talking about how slow the connections in South Africa may be, and even talked about a test done that proved that a Dove delivering a message to another city was faster than sending the same message by e-mail. In the comments section a reader was arguing about the whole article saying that nobody should bother about the internet connections in Africa, and the same reader was talking about the “real needs” of Africa, amongst them was the AIDS, poverty, and pseudo-slavery. — I truly believe in the power of the globalization (information sharing), I believe that as God sets us free by sharing his Love with us, we get to free whoever that may be in need of freedom by sharing his need to the ones that know about the true freedom. So if you are just like the reader above that thinks that sharing information (nowadays by internet) is not important in order to change Africa, please I ask you, don’t think like that anymore.

 The internet is helping delivering God’s salvation as well as delivering the need of it to the others all around the Globe.

Filpe Fukumoto
+UMAfrica Global Coordinator