This period around Nampula , Mozambique is being really important and rich in new experiences.

We’ve been talking a lot about the UMA project, introducing it to all sort of missionaries around mozambique that resulted in lots of new contacts and people interested in Africa such as ourselves.

Today is the first day of the 2009 Prophetic Conference held by a brazilian church/mission, it has been a pleasure to be with them these last few 2 weeks. We have also been around here, we’ve been out to “Ilha de Mocambique” (Island of Mozambique) and to Pemba as well, were we were hosted by “Missão Arco-Iris” (Iris Ministry). Thank’s for everything God, let us know the ones that You have already prepared to be known and reach the ones that should be reached by our works.

As soon as the trip is over many updates on the results of the 2009 Project will be posted.

In Christ,
Filipe Fukumoto

+UMAfrica Global Coordinator