We are sketching the project timeline and there are some “next steps” already established. One of them is “finding supporters”, but there is a variety of supporters that we need, supporters that will:

  • Pray;
  • Share information; (guidance, teaching, plan…)
  • Help planning;
  • Provide financial support;
  • Provide equipment needs; (in case of business: in exchange of free publicity)
  • Share UMAfrica with others.

 These are just some of the needs we have. Praying is the most important one, we need people praying for us, this is the best help you can give us.

 We are establishing contact with brazilian major missions (baptists, presbyterians, others.) that already work in Africa, we pray that God will guide us to the right way. There will be an important meeting soon with the Uganda’s Children “Watoto” Choir Mission (http://www.watoto.com) in Brazil, we expect having a great time with them.

+UMAfrica Team