Hello everybody.

 My name is Filipe Fukumoto and I’m currently typing from Brazil. I’m a Global Coordinator for UMA and one of the members of the team that will be heading to South Africa and Mozambique in Jul’09.

 Back in Jan’08 while out on a Mission Trip in the northeast brazilian waste/hinterland (pic below) I was touched by a deep feeling of curiosity and care about Africa, it was when I met Marcelo and Adriana (currently in Mozambique) and we started talking seriously about the african needs and reality. Today I may say that I’m unable to stop thinking about this reality along my day-to-day routine.

 Mr.Filipe Fukumoto

 I’d like to thank my family and friends that have been very supportive to me during this lifechange proccess I’ve been living in the last 2~3 years. God has much to do, and it’s always a pleasure to take part in this wonderfull task that “spreading the Gospel” is.

 If you have any doubts, suggestions or curiosities drop me a message at: filipe@umafrica.org – We need all sorts of supporters, your help will be most welcome! (If you don’t know how can you possibly help us, write us and we’ll help you figuring out.)

Filipe Fukumoto
+UMAfrica Global Coordinator