Marcelo & Adriana have been working a lot since they got to Africa. They have many good news and testimonies about things that have happened to them that I’ll try to summarize here.

 When they first got in Alberton (South Africa) their intent was to help building a church and making disciples there, however the house they wish to rent was unaffordable, they were not frustrated because the Lord had already asked them to go to another city called Nelspruit, where they would help with the new disciples and with the kids.

 They went to Nelspruit and worked there in a tent church (pictures available in the “Gallery“). Later on the owner of the house in Alberton called them and asked them to go back because he had decided to lower the rent cost (the cut was around 30% off), they thanked and worship God for that, they went back to Alberton where they were supposed to take a Taxi to get to the house, but for their surprise the man was already waiting for them and they shared the Gas costs only (saving another 75% of the Taxi costs).

 2 weeks ago while they were already helping with the new church construction (pictures available in the “Gallery“) they were needing a new sound system in order to preach the Gospels at the nearby villages. That would cost them around USD$1,800 , they didn’t have that money so they asked their local churches and sponsors. A week later they had received an ammount, they thanked and glorified the name of the Lord, however the ammount was not enough. They went to the shop where they first found the prices to be around USD$1,800 and the same equipment was now “on sale”!! They bought the full equipment and are now ready to proceed with the preaching cruzade, scheduled to June and August in South Africa and Mozambique.

 God is good and never leave us alone. This is just a little of what God is doing trhu Marcelo & Adriana’s life. Pray for them!

Church in Alberton (South Africa)
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