We have predefined the 3 first phases of “2009 Project” and they have been broken into 3 different countries:

  • Phase 1: Sudan; (Khartoum, Omdurhman, Malakam, Kongor, Bor, Juba, Ganzi, Yei)
  • Phase 2: D.R.Congo; (Aba, Faradje, Watsa, Baku, Bunia, Kasenye)
  • Phase 3: Uganda; (Fort Pontal, Kasese, Kampala, Masaka, Mbarara, Ntungamo, Kabale, Kisoro)

 As stated above, this is a predefinition, we are still in the planning phase of the project, while further researches are done changes may take place to this original scheduling.

 If you have information/contacts of Christian Missions working on these areas, please get in touch with us by the following email address 2009Project@umafrica.org .

+UMAfrica Team