“On days 13,14,15  of May, if the Lord wills, we will be going toward the coast, in twovillages, we will meet with leaders from nine churches for a seminar, during the night we’ll do evangelism with the movie “Jesus”, the next day we will consolidate the people who accept Jesus, we will distribute New Testaments and prints in Macua dialect for them.
We will see the possibility of training the FOL project in the region.

We ask for your prayers:
1 – the seminar with the leaders, that the Lord will lead us, we depend on HIM, HisGRACE, anointing and authority.
2 – is an outreach, covering us in prayer, will be the first use of the sound system and I still need to learn some things.
3 – If the Lord confirmed, we will proceed with the project FOL in that region, it will make much difference to the local church and the leaders there. Pastor Patricio that will accompany us, is the pastor with whom we worked with in the first, second and thirdclass at the Training Local Workers (FOL).

We’re Together!

André, Dulciene and Stefano.

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