“Dear, Grace and Peace.

We are immensely grateful for your life and the affection that you have had with us, thank you for your prayers and support, by this means we are well.

We are in a time of organization, for out ministry or in any other undertaking business, we need both vision and planning, without one, the whole may be affected.

We are getting all the teaching material translated into the Macua dialect, putting together the construction plans for our base,  and then the request for the terrain and the legalization of the same. As the time for the renewal of our DIRE it’ll be done by our own ministry (FOL) and we have to get our paperwork ready for that on time.

The sound system (for our seminars and evangelism) is almost ready, there’s only the generator missing. So that’s why we say it’s time for getting organized.

We have already delivered some of presents we brought from Brazil, especially the motorbikes, the bikes are waiting for the workers who are still in the field, we are waiting for the seminar trip in order to deliver the rest of the gifts such as:  clothing and Bibles. We are about to start building the house of Pastor Sabonete also offered by the “Igreja Atos dos Apóstolos”, Pastor Regisnaldo – DF.
We are in good health, I had malaria but I’m fine, Stefano has had a throat infection but he’s also well, Dulciene as always took care of us, she is fine and devoting much of her time in the way of service social studies. Our “hug”, God bless you always

André, Dulciene e Stefano.

Visit us: www.africafol.com”